Slack is a platform for team communication.

First things first, Slack is a huge platform with lots of features. Integration will always take time so please be patient. If you need a specific integration and you feel ready to get out your machete and start cutting into the taiga, please review our API Docs.

If you need help with a specific feature, you can always get in touch with our community through our community space.

1. Configure Slack

Go to your slack app

  • Select Browser Slack > Apps.

Slack Integration Step 1
  • Type webhook and click Add of Incoming WebHook app.

Slack Integration Step 1
  • Click Configuration.

Slack Integration Step 1
  • Click Add to Slack.

Slack Integration Step 1
  • Choose a channel and click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration.

Slack Integration Step 1
  • Copy your Webhook URL. You can change other settings here if you want.

Slack Integration Step 1

2. Configure Taiga

In your project in Taiga:

  • Go to Admin > Contrib plugins > Slack

Taiga Slack Menu
  • Set the Slack webhook url to the copied value in the previous step.

  • You can also set the Slack channel which your project will post to. Leave the field blank if you wish to post to the default channel.

Taiga Slack Integration
  • Save your configuration.